A holistic approach to your
financial security

We provide holistic consultation services with the goal of assisting our clients to focus on strategic methods which will help grow and maximize the value of the practice. We specialize in creative, non-traditional methods designed to maximize gain and minimize tax impact.

Value Assessment

Our team of seasoned business consultants, CPA’s and attorneys will work with you and your team to establish the ACTUAL value of your practice. This valuation provides a baseline which sets benchmarks and goals moving forward. We will work to address weak areas of your practice that will boost the value of your practice one improved.

Strategic Exit Planning

How do you envision exiting your practice? Outright sale at retirement? Pass the practice on to family member? Sell the practice to associates? Merger with another practice/acquire a practice? Feet-first on a gurney? Most vets wish to continue practice well past 65. However, it takes 3 to 10 years to formulate and execute a strategic exit plan. Now's the time to start planning! We can help with that.

Human Asset Enhancement

Let us help you identify and implement programs designed to foster employee harmony and loyalty, which dramatically lowers turnover, as well as improves employee satisfaction. One of the programs we offer is group benefits that include dental, vision, short and long-term disability, accident, cancer, and more!

Retirement Plan Strategies

Even if you have considered (and passed on) establishing a retirement plan for the practice previously, we can help you put together and manage the best and most flexible retirement program for your family, your associates and employees. Our retirement plans are afforable and can quickly become a significant piece of your asset enhancement process.

Financial & Estate Planning

We will work to help ensure that your practice and family are protected from unforeseen challenges by providing ongoing advice to help your associates, employees, family continue to meet their goals.

Our Method

By zeroing in on “all things financial” we advise practice owners on ways to enhance profitability, build a superior and stable team, promote long-term loyalty and efficiency among associates/employees, as well as protecting you, the owner, from the risk of key employee loss.

It’s never too early to start planning your exit strategy! We help guide you in the right direction by developing a step-by-step, written plan. Ideally, this planning process should span 3 to 10 years. Outside-the-box thinking concepts are our specialty as we know that maximizing your cash-out and minimizing your tax liability takes work and creativity. We have the track record and the experience to make that happen for you.