Let us help address the need of your veterinary practice and help lay the foundation for greater profits when you sell.

Over the last few years, the consolidation of veterinary practices has become more and more challenging. The industry has brought significant changes. Today, over 30 private equity firms are looking for profitable veterinary practices to buy. However, 50% of practices in the U.S. do not fit the criteria. Southern Practice Consulting Group has experience working with practices that might not meet the criteria investors are looking for and helping those practices grow and meet the valuations of the investors.

Here’s how SPCG can help:

  • Make your practice more profitable.
  • Reduce time spent on administrative duties.
  • Reset priorities to increase cash flow and net income for both you and your practice.
  • Find new services that will increase annual revenues.
  • Create a transition plan for you and your family.

Let us help you increase your net worth!

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