Our Mission

As an affiliate of Southern Financial Consultants, Inc., we provide holistic consultation services with the goal of assisting our veterinary clients to focus on strategic methods which will help grow and maximize the value of your vet practice. We specialize in creative, non-traditional methods designed to maximize gain and minimize tax impact.

Our Method

Southern Practice ConsultingBy zeroing in on “all things financial” we advise practice owners on ways to enhance profitability, build a superior and stable team, promote long-term loyalty and efficiency among associates/employees, as well as protecting you, the owner, from the risk of key employee loss.

It’s never too early to start planning your exit strategy! We help guide you in the right direction by developing a step-by-step, written plan. Ideally, this planning process should span 3 to 10 years. Outside-the-box thinking concepts are our specialty as we know that maximizing your cash-out and minimizing your tax liability takes work and creativity. We have the track record and the experience to make that happen for you.

Our Process

  1. Establish Baseline Metrics
  2. Develop Vision & Strategy
  3. Assemble Expert Team
  4. Set Tactical Plan & Strategic Goals
  5. Execute the Plan