We have a program designed specifically for veterinarians which provides a comprehensive true group voluntary benefits offering for your practice at large corporation pricing. These best-in-class benefits provide safety and peace-of-mind for your family and your employees.

  • Short Term DisabilityProvides income replacement to help make ends meet if you are totally disabled due to a covered accident or covered sickness.  This coverage helps you to maintain your lifestyle and pays regardless of any other insurance you may have – up to 60% of your salary.
  • Long Term DisabilityLong-term disability is intended to protect your income for a long duration after you have depleted short-term disability or any sick leave your company may offer.
  • Dental: Dental insurance helps to pay for expenses related to keeping your teeth healthy. The plan pays towards preventative, basic and major dental expenses.
  • Vision: Vision insurance helps to pay for expenses related to keeping your eyes healthy. It will help pay for exams, frames and lenses.
  • Accident: Helps offset unexpected expenses resulting from a covered accident, such as emergency room fees, deductibles and co-payments that can result from a fracture, dislocation, or other covered accidental injury. Includes a $100 health screening benefit.
  • Cancer: Helps offset the out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses related to cancer that some medical plans may not cover, such as hospital confinement, cancer treatments, surgical procedures, transportation and lodging.  A $50 Health Screening benefit is also included.
  • Life Insurance:  Coming soon!
  • Long-Term Care:  Coming soon!
  • Lifestyle Enrich Program:(non-insurance discount benefits):  Telemedicine ($0-Copay), Doctor’s Online Service, Pharmacy Discount, Dental Discount Network, Legal Advisory Service, Identity Theft Protection.

“While you focus on caring for our pets, we’ll focus on your financial wellness!”

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