Looking to get more out of your practice?

Join us for a 2-hour dinner workshop where we will assist veterinary practice owners to understand the dynamics, trends and methods to develop a long-term plan to maximize the value of their practice.

On the fence about attending? Here are a few topics we plan to cover:

  • The difference in SELLING your vet practice (which requires you to pay capital gains tax) versus MERGING your vet (which requires NO capital gains tax).
  • A buy/sell agreement and how by not having one, the family of a vet owner (who passes away unexpectedly) will lose a MINIMUM of 40% of the practice’s value.
  • Extending your career as a veterinarian by as much as 10 years through a merger (if you desire).
  • The difference between an “earn out” (which could generate 3x additional value for the owner) versus a sale.
  • Ownership Gifting, which may equal 2 to 3x more value at sale.

Cost: FREE*

*Registration is required.

Upcoming Event Locations:

Frederick, Maryland | November 19, 2019

  •  6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | Dutch’s Daughter Restaurant | Get Directions

Register for Workshop:

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